Sunday, August 10, 2008

Gumball Rally

Sunday was to me, like a Monday in disguise, so the business of the day will come just a tad bit later, in this post...

We all go about our everyday lives, rushing in and out, going and coming, caught up knee deep in our own little worlds,
in our own corner of life. Lets take a detour, shall we?

Psssst! Hey, Can you come out and play today?

I like old and I like new, I like sweet and sour! Gumballs that is! Silly, I know, but, Oh, so true!

What does this nonsense mean you ask? Well, I'll tell you!

It means nothing, absolutely nothing, no thing, at all!

But then thats the beauty of it, no?! Yeeesss!

Sometimes, art is created for nothing but the fun of it, I've said it before and I'll say it again, we all could use a little more

tomfoolery in our lives! Today and tomorrow, forget any sorrow, just go out and play, REALLY play.

Step out of your front door carrying in a teeny little bag, all of the happy-go-lucky emotions and freedom you once skipped out with at age 7!

Do you remember! Can you remember?

Yeeesss! There it is! Tap into that!

And believe it or not, or not, or what! What?!

But this frame of mind will put you in a place where your creative spirit can fly...

Nonsense is no sense, but sense all the same! At least to me it is!

I was the kid staring out the window in class, drifting away on cotton candy clouds,

daydreaming of pixie stix forests! Huh? What?

Oh, the capitol of Alaska? Ummm, let me see... shoots, she might as well have been asking me for the formula for PX10 jet fuel!

Consequently I had a tough time focusing and paying attention when the sun was gleaming bright yellow and the sky was

sparkling blue, I swear I could hear the wind calling my name! Yoohoo, Sssannnddddrra...

And just tell me how was I, a defenseless kid supposed to ignore that?!

The sure promise of adventure with a capital "A" and escapade with a capital "ESC"!

And as soon as that 3:00 o'clock bell rang, I was out the door and down the stairs in a flash!

Freedom, sweet freedom at last!

"The practical man can run a locomotive, but he cannot invent one!

The men who are doing the best part of the worlds work are the theorists, in their laboratories watching test-tubes, in their studies excogitating philosophies,

or under the summer trees dreaming of coming days of gold

and singing their reverie". Dr. Frank Crane from Four Minute Essays circa 1919

The color lives within you...

seek it out!

And now, down to the business at hand...

my one year anniversary winners are...

Contessa Kris * Porcelain and glass doll
Linda Crispell * dress form in studded bra
Karen Young * mannequin in lace skirt

Crayon on paper artwork courtesy, Lily Kopp.

Lisa Oceandreamer * lg doll head
Jeanie Marmalade Gypsy * med doll head
Carola from Boxwood Cottage * sm doll head
(please email me with your mailing addresses ladies)!
And just for good measure, I have created for EACH and EVERY ONE of you, a very special clock face to download and use as a little reminder when it is time to put business away and go out and play!

Down load and use in your personal artwork, until next time my friends!