Thursday, December 6, 2007


When it comes to Holiday decor I like to mix tradition

and eclectic whimsy. Hanging shiny vintage ornaments from everything!

They look especially lovely dangling along side the sparkling crystals on the chandelier!

And my elfin little pink Polichinelle comes out to play! Generally he sits upon a very high shelf where I have placed him in a tiny metal bird cage, this helps to keep him from too much mischief.

But inevitably I find him, cage door flung open, with a silly lopsided grin on his face, just waiting for me to turn away!

This time of year is difficult for him because, try as he might he simply cannot resist! You see Polichinelle has quite an affinity for pretty shiny ornaments and picks and plucks them from their spots

and fills his diminutive little cage to over flowing!

Punch is a 5" porcelain doll, cast from an antique mold. I painted his costume pink and brown and gave him one slightly raised eyebrow, to show that he is clever! And decorated this sleeves with antique netting, stitched up the most miniscule of bows to add to his slippers and embellished his tri corner hat with light as a feather mouth blown glass pearls, they were made that way back then to prevent delicate silk gowns from ripping and tearing under the weight of such lavish decoration as was the fashion then and last but not least metal braiding and twisted brass beads so tiny as to pass through the eye of a needle!