Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams

I do try my best to be an aware human, but sometimes it is as though I am but a silly ostrich with it's head stuck in the sand!

Pssst! Have you Heard?

There is so much amazing art out there and though I have come to this particular artist slowly, Thankfully, I am here!
Thanks to Florizel at Le Divan Fumoir Bohemien , I received an email with this in it!

I was transfixed, transported! Oh, Please, do tell me, WHO is the Master Creator of this incredible work!

With that my answer came with a link. Thrilled I followed it as it led me here "X" marks the spot where the hidden treasure lies!

When there is MAGIC in the air...

Come along and follow me into a daydream.. Close yours eyes and place yourself there...

A shiver went through me, my hand sprang open, the crystal wine glass quickly slipped through my fingers and crashed upon meeting the floor!

Such was my reaction to the delicious delights this artist serves up! Silently snuck in like a thief in the dark, stole away my imagination, only to set it free... I have set upon a dream and maybe, just maybe I shall not return, but remain under the influence and just, create, create, create...

Everyone knows it!

Frederic Clement is the author of many wonderful books The Merchant of Marvels and the Peddler of Dreams only one among many. Step into his tempting imagination and see for yourself!