Sunday, June 28, 2009

Running Down a Dream

I try to make use of my everyday experience and incorporate it into my art, virtually anything and everything can become an artistic feast if you will only allow yourself to really truly, fully experience it!

A formula to exercise your creativity: Experience. Experiment. Indulge. Document. Report.
This is one of those fully experienced banquets I would like to share with you...

Do you have them? Have you seen one? When were you last there? Here...take my hand, hold on tightly now! Come along and follow me...step up to the ride, hand the gentleman your ticket and off we go into a wonderful world of colorful dreams!

Each and every night that comes creeping is yet another opportunity to begin a new adventure. As I have not one ounce of control over my imaginations, I enter sometimes unwillingly. You see, I would really rather sleep but generally am almost always very glad I did.

Go, I mean! Oh, there have been those rare occasions when Mr. Sandman met the Candyman (my secondary muse, btw) and all went awry, terribly, delightfully, frightfully, deliciously awry!

Why, it was just a few nights ago that I found myself squinting my eyes as I walked into a room so bright white I could barely see!

As my strained little peepers struggled to pull themselves open, to my amazement there were giant red and white peppermint type swirls all over the walls!

And let me tell you, it was tearfully, beautifully beautiful! As I'm sure you can imagine!

I slowly approached the largest one, which was on the wall farthest from me,

I stood directly in front of it, eye to swirl, then what do you suppose happened next?!

Well, I will tell you!

The swirl began to rotate and spin and twirl...

Around and around and around it went,

faster and faster, reeling and spinning so swiftly it was making me dizzy!

It revolved so fast that the red stripes and the white stripes spun into PINK!

PINK, I tell you! I rubbed my eyes with tight fisted knuckles, three times and ever so cautiously, slowly, slowly reached out with my right hand to touch it.

Do I dare? I pulled back! I just must! I reached out, yes I will and here goes!

As the tips of my fingers met the surface, suddenly I felt a warm and then sticky, but not icky, sensation and such a strange sensation it was. I automatically recolied and drew back my hand, attached to my finger tips was a long clinging ooey, gooey rope stretching

right back to the center of the swirl, just like taffy!

Was this really happ...but before I could finish my sentence,

the big glop of ooey, gooey pinkness fell from my fingers in a slow motion way and dropped with a plop to the floor! Where it immediately whirled itself back together and proceeded to flow right out of the room, around the corner and down the stairs!

Can you believe it? I know! Me too! What else could I do but run down the stairs after it...I wasn't about to let this sneaky little sucker get away! Running just a few steps ahead, I ducked into the pantry, grabbed the first empty jar I could find and waited.

When I heard it coming, I held out my arm, stuck the open jar under the very last step and swoop, quickly and quietly it flowed right in! Ha, Gotcha!

And just as I was closing the lid, I heard someone say in a low, far away voice,

Sandra...Honey...Are you awake?

Do you know where my socks with the RED stripes are?! What?! You have got to be kidding me!!

Now, I might have mislead you a bit in the beginning, as I told you it was all just a dream, but go as it goes and heaven only knows, least my fingers were crossed in the back! I just made it up, so don't think me silly! But wasn't it fun, aren't you happy you went? Come again anytime, my table is set and YOU are always WELCOME!

Visuals Details:
A variety of mixed media including, watercolors, acrylic paint, cardboard, decoupage medium, and two porcelain dolls I hand painted, one with a red cap and gloves, the other in a black polka dot cap and gloves, their bodies are made from black and white pipe cleaners twisted together and I dressed them both in vintage millinery flowers, with pink tulle ruffles.
This piece is published in the current issue of Stampington & Companies ARTFUL BLOGGING, May/Jun/July 2009. Be sure to pick up a copy to experience for yourself some of the most fabulous places to visit on the internet!