Saturday, February 13, 2010

From Paris with Love (a Valentines Day Mystery)

A parcel arrived last week out of the blue. To my surprise it was post marked "From Paris with Love" I wasn't expecting anything but how wonderful all the same! I took a deep breath in, in, in and unwrapped it as fast as my hands could move!

Excitement... curiosity... anticipation... what could it be? It was filled with beautiful "unmade" things. A yard of deep,

passionate red antique silk velvet that was oh so buttery soft.

Another yard of the hottest fuchsia pink silk shantung, oh so nubby and lovely! There was even some old shredded cotton batting, the real soft kind.

As well as a small tattered paper box which held delicate antique passementerie,

several apple green glass dress makers pins,

one beautiful, bright emerald green paste jewel, and a pretty crystal clear one too.

Then there were a few yards of variegated ribbon,

a handsome hand carved mother of pearl button and a few snippets of old gold lame trim! Color me SURPRISED!

I knew exactly what these beautiful bits needed to become...... Valentines Hearts of course, of course! So I set to work, snip, snip, stitch, stitch, stuff, stuff and so on...

Well, I'm still not sure where all of those magically delicious fabric scraps came from... (but in case you are reading this and I hope you are) Happy Valentines Day to you and THANK YOU for THINKING of ME! Kisses, Hugs, Squeezes, Caresses, Devotion, Attention, Appreciation and most of all Love to you! Merci Beacoup!