Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Finding my Light

We are all starting to settle into our new place...

Curious wonders are around every corner, like a neighbors cat that also sits in his window looking over at our girl Alex.

I take our monkey Julliette (she's really a Chihuahua, but don't try to tell her that) on long walks, checking out our new community,

we stumbled upon a giant old rose bush a few blocks away in a large clearing.

You could smell their sweet scent long before you could see them!

This magnificent specimen was at least seven feet tall and had the shape of a dancing waterfall as it swayed gently in the wind.

It was smothered in fat, fluffy, puffy pink blooms with deep purple centers... hundreds of

wild Texas roses created a most spectacular and welcoming display.

Back at home... everything is different, but mostly the same. I think we are going to love it here!
Home Sweet Home.