Friday, May 6, 2011

Points of View

We live in a significantly different world today, I believe our blue planet is essentially a very harmonious, beautiful and wondrous place.

I also feel that it is up to us, all of us... all of you especially the artists to search out, discover, expose and share with as many people as possible all the visual happiness and audible delights our world has to offer!

There is definitely more good in the world than bad and now its more important than ever to show the extraordinary splendor that surrounds us.

Despite a busy schedule, devote special time to express your artistic aspirations by whatever means necessary... through art, music, poetry, dance, sports, cooking, sewing, gardening and yes.... even joyful daydreaming!

Make definite, but remarkable efforts everyday in whatever small way you can to move forward with grace into love and beauty.

Progress with compassion, live in hope, unity and tranquillity.

Suffer less and give more by remembering that there are resoundingly beautiful places to be found in our hearts and in our souls.

The stars so politely share their sparkling light with us each and every night and so artists must continually share their works,

not only do we have a duty to ourselves but to others as well.

Echo your love in your art, our reward will be simply knowing we have left something positively wonderful to history!

Note: Did you see the tiny little Chihuahuas silhouette in the fifth photograph!