Monday, October 24, 2011


When it feels like the world

has gone stark raving mad...

the best thing I can do for myself is to sit down at my work table,

gather together some long collected goodies and create a little fantasy.

First things first... I needed a rather large mouse to pull my pumpkin coach. An old rubber cats toy painted and be-whiskered to make him appear more realistic. He is held in harness by a sturdy antique booked metal picture hanging chain.

Tarnished brass Victorian dresser pulls, an old sterling studded bracelet attached to a beautifully monogrammed gold watch fob create the coach roof, along with a few scattered vintage enameled green leaves that once made up a 60's brooch.

Lots of painted gold german paper dresden to trim out windows and doors and such!

Teeny tiny metal hinges held in by even teenier metal nails... it's always a thrill for me to finally find a use for some odd little item I've held on to.

It's a very fulfilling moment when I find just the right spot for a bit or bobble I've saved for years and years knowing it must be "perfect" for "something" or other... and suddenly there it is, thats where it was meant to go all along, ahhhh pure satisfaction!

And lets see we still need wheels, I remember I bought a kitschy vintage lamp I'll steal my tires from that, it's cactus wood and they really do roll! Bits of baling wire twisted and twirled into shape become some fancy spinning spokes.

An antique porcelain coachman in a yellow jacket and red trimmed tri corn hat at your service, watch your step... mind the gap!

A seat from which to steer sits high and atop.

Scraps of moss tucked here and there.

Upholstery tacks, thumb tacks and lots of wire and glue... to hold it all together.

Gourds and acorns gathered from Fall's first harvest...

I don't think there is anything in this world more wonderfully plump and orange than a pumpkin!

I defy you to feel anything but cheerful when you see one, much less a whole entire patch of them,

delight of delights and tastes good too!

I had so much fun imagining and creating my little pumpkin carriage.

Was it real or imagined, as it rides off into the sunset. I think both.

If you don't create your own visions and dreams, then who will?!
Enjoy your Halloween trix or treating!!