Thursday, August 23, 2012

Painted Lady

Isn't it strange... and unexpected...
how an idea for a new project can come from just about anywhere?!
This antique french bronze bust sits on a desk in my bedroom, I see her every single day.
A few weeks ago she spoke to me as I passed by...
I used her lovely face to create a single use mold. Poured putty into it and out she popped!
I think she came out slightly different than the actual bust but I love the way she looks.
She has more depth and character than the original piece, side by side they look like a younger and older version of the same woman.
An innocent teenaged girl and a wiser, more mature woman, past and present, make believe. I do tend to get lost in my work...
I placed the cast and painted face onto a hinged wooden box
within which I keep special treasures hidden.
As a last touch I added an antique carved ox bone rosette to her hair... I believe it was once a brooch, its a piece I've had tucked away for years in my junk drawer waiting for "just the right spot" for it to go!