Monday, September 23, 2013


 This is a fabulous book! Hilarious Underwater Dogs by photographer and uber creative artist Seth Casteel.
 Meet Rocco.... An adorable Boston Terrier. His favorite food is Pup-Peroni!
 Rhoda.... A Dachshund, 7 years old. She is obsessed with orange tennis balls!
 Oshi.... A Cockerspaniel. She loves long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners.
 Foster.... Another comical Dachshund, 6 years old.
 Dagmar.... A Chesapeake Retriever, This one really cracks me up!!
 Coraline.... An Olde English Bulldog, only 2 years old. She could fit a couple of Cantaloupes in there!
 This is Buster.... A Cavalier King Spaniel, 6 years old.
And this is Alex.... A Labrador Retriever, 7 years old. Trust me, if you love mans best friend this book is not to be missed! Visit Little Friends Photo to pick up a copy.