Monday, July 21, 2014

The World is Your Oyster

We race through our lives, silently…. repeatedly walking into the fire, treading daily thru vast mine fields, surrounded by interruptions and yes, armed sometimes solely by our delusions. All the while the challenge is to remain focused. 

To continue forward thinking. To be creative and constructive. To get in there and open things up. To discover the pearls. To learn a lot. To explore eternally and enjoy profoundly….repeatedly. 

To exhaust and relinquish ourselves…. repeatedly.

Ignite the spark, creating tall flames that in turn prevent poverty of the mind. So what if we submit to fear and sadness once in a while… run thru it to the other side. 

We are limitless if we so choose. Let the answer to all your questions always be YES, Absolutely. YES will guide you to the magic!