Monday, June 9, 2008

A Small Tall Tail

Sometimes my mind starts talking and I miss everything I'm trying to look at, or listen to because I always inevitably, eventually join in on the conversation. I am my own worst distraction!

That being said, let me tell you a small story, a happy story, one with no sorrow or sadness or despair, only loveliness and lovely things. Written upon pink paper with the pinkest of inks.

There once was a Duchess long ago who in the third year of her reign, resolved that she simply must acquire some of those miraculous,

marvelous, large and healthy South Sea ones... pearls you know,

ever since she had passed by and heard the faint murmurs and laughter coming from the other room,

the news travels fast, it always does... you know, thanks to the girls whose job it was to spread it!

It was carried on the trade winds, across the wide world, straight from her favorite cousins tongue, Dowager Pomegranate... you remember, the one that collected the most beautiful garnets from only the richest and deepest mines, just because those precious gems

looked just like her name sounded. Red, know. But how did she know of the splendiferous morsels?
Yes, shall I tell you, then tell you I will, it just happened that they were riding upon the back of a two humped camel that came lumbering over the stretch of sands most commonly known as Time.

Her favorite Auntie on her fathers side, Empress O'Luster did pass it along swiftly, only moments after she over heard.

Secretly the Empress O'Luster wished for them too, and would gladly toss aside the miniscule, but very rare Pink Bay pearls she wore.

Knowing this she sought to make a bargain with her two favorite nieces on her mothers side... called Rose and Dahlia... you know, the ones with the sweet little puppy... Juliette II !

But as luck would have it, that pup had a mind of it's own and those girls wouldn't dare take a step with out first passing it by her, the tiniest and wisest of all the good royals, not to mention 4 pounds of cuteness!

"I will not trade my priceless black pearls for those! These for those?! Oh no, not I !"

You see they are special, special indeed, and were passed down to me through the ages by my favorite Lady, the beautiful temptress, the Lady McRedress,

and were passed down to her by her very own mother... you know, the one that ran away with the King! I suspect it was because you just know, she must have felt so beautiful in that dress and who could resist?! He could not! He was weak!

But way before her they belonged to the one that she trusted, the one that was true, the Countess VonBluedress! And it is to say, to say that they may have even been worn by the Grandest and fairest of all, the one we remember the most and the best, Great Grand Duchess, yes, Great Grand Duchess Juliette III !

So you see they will stay, safe here with me and never shall I regret, of a trade on the wind or a slip of the lip, I'll be happiest to THE END!

Moral of the story: sometimes the best things in life are right under your nose! For me it's my tiny crown jewel, a blue eyed chihuahua named Juliette!
Visuals details: A pair of antique pearl and rhinestone grape cluster shoe clips, fancy collars I created using garnets, pearls and various other gems I purchased from a traveling salesman.
A circa 1902 robins egg blue cotton baby doll dress, in just the right size for her tiny highness! The portrait board in the Victorian gold leaf frame was created from an 18th century engraving, applied to a board canvas with a hole cut out where the face would be, then lightly embellished with a few scattered millinery flowers.
Note: Art comes to me in free flowing streams of rushes and gushes. In abundant, tingling electrical currents, in darting flashes of energy, like lighting in a bottle. Meaningful, bountiful, always a plenty. Perfectly formed fantastical tiny droplets of dreams waiting to be transformed into tangible objects!
Disclaimer: I am writing this at 4 in the morning, be gentle, I plead!