Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Monster Mash

I went for a walk

in my little green garden,

and lo and behold

guess what I found growing there

amongst the pumpkins and squash?!

Why I almost stepped on it!

I 'll bet you will never guess what it is?!

Well, I'll give you a few hints,

it has two metal screws protruding from it's neck,

and yukie, muckie, smishy, smashy pink goo popping out of the top

and cold hollow eyes that never ever blink and it's the color of kiwi all over!

Last but not least,

where ever it grows

there is the slightest sweet smell of bananas, yes bananas!

Ok, did you guess, maybe not, so in case you are still wondering what it is...

It's a mini monster and my garden is blooming with lots of them just waiting for Halloween to arrive!
So do mind your step whilst out wandering, you never know what might be just underfoot and you certainly wouldn't want to mash a cute little monster would you?!

All the Gory Details...
A hand sculpted bisque porcelain doll bust I painted bright green with acrylic paints and inserted two metal screws to keep it's head on tight. A pair of antique 6 button leather shoes just the right size for monster mashing! Its pretty pink "brains" are really nothing so bad, just a walnut painted pink, blue and red! I'm sure right about now you are thinking I have lost my last few marbles... but don't forget Halloween is just around the corner!

*So many of you have posed the question, Why bananas?! He, he, he I guess I just assumed that everyone already knew that teeny weeny mini monsters have to eat lots and lots of bananas in order to grow up into big, strong frightfully scary Mega Monsters!