Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry, Happy, Cheery, Christmas Seasons Greetings!

.... Just then there came a knock at the door.

It was a small package,

delivered by hand

to the house of Doctor Starbuck.

On the outside was written,

'For the attention of Miss Clara Starbuck'

Clara opened the package

and read the note inside.

This little gift may not excite you,

But remember,

all is not as it seems.

For it has the power

to invite you...

Into the land

of your dreams!

It's... it's a Nutcracker!

What a strange present.

Does it say who it's from? No. How mysterious. Oh, well...

Come on, everyone, there's lots of food and drink in the next room. I'd better put down the nutcracker.

As Clara bent down to put the nutcracker beside the Christmas tree... It seemed to twist in her hand!

Oh my! Sugar Plums, Gum Drops, Lolly Pops and all that is good... I wish to you and yours a very Merry Holidays, some Happy Season's Tidings, a Cheery Christmas Greetings to one and all and a Jolly New Year too! And BTW Congrats to the winner of my Giveaway, Tristan Robin Blakeman! See you all bright and early next year!