Tuesday, November 27, 2012

To Facebook or not to Facebook that is the Question?

I have a question and would like your opinion. I need some help making up my mind about something. I think, most probably I am virtually the last person who is not on Facebook!? I have been holding out, not sure why. (Maybe it feels like writing for magazines, working on my own projects, keeping up with my blog and a variety of other diversions, like raising my fur babies, tending to home and garden and husband... etc.) I don't want any one thing to be neglected. Sometimes it all seems like a lot, and then other times I feel like I really need to dive in head first and catch up!! Life is flying by at such lightning speed any more... there is SO much I still want to do. So my question to you is are you on Facebook, do you like it, does it work for you,do you keep up with a blog too? I am trying to decide whether to join Facebook too and would greatly value any input from all of you!