Monday, December 9, 2013

Antique Needlework & Facebook!

 Look through the refections to what lies behind the wavy glass.
 I found this piece of antique needlework at an Italian flea market several years ago...
 It was folded up and tucked in the corner of a small, banged up, old wooden box.
I wonder who created it? And if they worked on it by candle light… and how it wound up forgotten and crushed...
 I notice the amazingly vibrant colors of the silk threads, and the wonderful floral boarder that curls and rises around her.
 Its a quite large piece that sits on my nightstand next to my bed… I have tea with her every night before I go to sleep.
 There is so much detail, and such teeny, tiny stitches! It must have taken forever to finish. You can see every braid and lovely shimmering highlights of each and every sausage curl.
Her blushed cheeks are so delicate it almost looks as though its been painted on, she has a small beauty mark beneath her eye, see there just below her eyelash? And it looks to me like she is wearing a malachite necklace too. It such a wonderful piece, and a beautiful way to start each morning and end each day! Hope you are enjoying the cold weather and having fun preparing for the holidays!
Oh and BTW I just joined Facebook, Yes, I know I must be the very last Human being on earth to join! Pop on over and say Hello!