Sunday, April 13, 2014


 Art is a waking dream…. on one hand for me being creative just boils down to being curious, asking "what if" then applying that curiosity in a visible hands on way. It is a means to an end.
On the other hand creativity means you not only like, but love and need to experiment with your chosen medium. 
 It is an uncontrollable urge too powerful to be denied or dismissed, a deep seated desire that must be reckoned with, embrace it, trust it, let your mind be carried by your passions and always….
 in all ways move forward into your creative aspirations. 
 If you are lucky enough to have a "vision" its up to you to make it materialize.
 Create with freedom, wild abandon and most of all lots and lots of love.
  Cultivate your thoughts and emotions…. growing dreams through your art.
 Dreams they can and do come true if you focus and be persistent!
 Awakening Angels Eye "Blue Grotto" Relic Necklace
I've always had a great passion for turquoise. As a teenager I would visit the copper mine in Arizona where my uncle worked.
 I was mesmerized the first time I saw it in the earth…. crude and running across a rock wall in a long thin vein like a seam on a pair of jeans, bright blue as the sky above it.
 That awoke something primal in me and so began an immense life long romance that holds me much more than any diamond ever could. 
 A true wonder if there ever was one. 
 Recycled turquoise beads tied in knots, paints, paper, wax, a custom blended casting compound, tarnished copper chain, a tiny antique copper lock and key set dangle from the end,
 rustic metal ormolu, vintage mother of pearl "wings", glass eye, paste stones and teeny taupe seed pearls.
All seeing, all knowing, all welcoming….