Friday, April 18, 2014


 I think the most important thing of all is just to remember to enjoy your life.
 Rejoice in renewal in whatever form it may come to you…
  renewal allows for endless possibilities…    find them…. in a tender hand extended,
  in a gentle embrace, in a sweet smile or kind word offered…
 Make love out of hate by filling your life with beauty.
 Always appreciate your own spirit…. 
be alive and be engaged whilst stealing a bit of magic for yourself here and there along the way.
Sending serene Easter tidings out to you…. 

Renewal Egg Relic
Custom blended casting compound, paints in shades of violet and amethyst express emotions perfectly, wax, antique engraving, paper, tiny lavender threaded silk tassel fringe, halos of minuscule rhinestones, encircled in distorted freshwater pearls, rough cut labradorite, delicate white and copper glass seed beads salvaged from a turn of the century gown that at long last lost its war with age…...