Friday, January 16, 2015

Back to the Future with RELICS & ARTIFACTS by Sandra Evertson- Prima Marketing Inc.THE CURATED COLLECTIONS

I want to start a RELICS & ARTIFACTS "TRIBE" of enthusiasts and we're going to develop an entire culture around these unique & rare beauties! We're putting together a FB group where all of your glorious R&A creations can be shared and we can talk about the millions of different techniques that can be used on this versatile craft artisan friendly surface. The pieces are made from resin with a matte finish, strong, durable and takes any medium like a dream! Each piece will have a wire loop or holes for hanging... And can I say how much fun these pieces are to play and create with?! You can combine and rearrange the different elements in an infinite number of ways... You could do a hundred of them and no two will ever turn out looking the same! RELICS & ARTIFACTS from Prima Marketing Inc. will ship in March so look for them at your local craft store & on line. This collection will be cherished because of its timeless appeal. Create your very own private "curated" collection. 
Take your art to the next level with RELICS & ARTIFACTS - Craft Creatively!!!