Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday

When I was a kid I never dreamed of being a model when I grew up. My idea of the perfect day was spending it on the back of a horse, riding until the sun went down. I lived in tee shirts and frayed, faded jeans. (not a lot has changed) I preferred turquoise and silver to diamonds any day, and couldn't be bothered to do anything to my hair but leave it straight. So when I found myself in L.A. going on casting calls, no one was more surprised than me! On my rare day off I'd found a place to go horseback riding in the valley, it was something that helped keep me sane in what was otherwise a fast paced lifestyle...
An Incident: I'll share with you a funny story about Jon Cryer... so back in the 80's he was hot property. I mean "Pretty in Pink"had just came out and that whole brat pack gang, well their careers were on fire! He happened to be a guest on a talk show that I was also booked on only I wasn't being interviewed I was modeling the latest fashions. I thought he was super cute and we flirted back and forth all night, but he never actually approached me himself... that is until I was leaving after the show. There was a long black limo in the parking lot, a guy got out and walked over to me. I thought it was Jon for sure but instead it was his best friend?! I got into my car, rolled down the window and his friend said "Jon would really love to take you on a date for drinks and dinner at Spago (which is a great restaurant owned by Wolfgang Puck) What shall I tell him?" And I thought to myself Wow, are you kidding?! (I adored Jon Cryer, that hair, those eyes, those lips!!!) And I told his friend, "Well that sounds fabulous and you can tell Jon that if he had approached me himself I would have said yes!!" Then I drove off, home to my kitty and left over El Pollo Loco (Yum)!! I mean what the heck, a girls gotta have some standards, right?! ha ha ha... I've never regretted it.
Photo shoot on location on the island of Mauritius, located in the middle of the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa.