Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Handmade with Love

1st Handmade OOAK piece offered for sale....
I started hand crafting extravagant pieces for myself out of sheer necessity... because the things I loved and coveted were rare and ancient, only seen in museums under lock and key or were way out of my price range. I use the finest antique materials on my handmade one of a kind items. I've collected textiles, jewels, and trims of all sorts that date back to the Georgian period and even earlier. Exquisite torn tattered bits of this and that.... extraordinary fabrics and lace, jewels missing their settings, lovely little remnants of the past. I rework these precious snippets giving them new life with a new purpose, simply to please the eye of the beholder. Lately my time is completely consumed by my RELICS & ARTIFACTS line as well as my beloved Contributing Editors role with WHERE WOMEN CREATE magazine. In the rare moments I have all to myself I take great pleasure in creating something I can offer up for sale, and though they may be few and far between I promise you this they will have been created with much love, care and joy. So much so I often find it hard to let them go but I really want to be able to pass along the love I feel for these pieces to someone else in hopes they'll fall in with them too!
The crimson deep red silk velvet used for this piece came from a circa 1850 floor length opera coat. I constructed the crosse emblem using a hand sketched cross onto vintage leather, a gold embroidered cross appliqué sits atop the leather and is surrounded by antique set rose cut paste rhinestones. A facetted tear drop shaped garnet and tiny distorted freshwater baroque pearl finish it off. The flames are painted to give the illusion of white hot dancing fire. At the neck of the flames is an antique escutcheon with a red painted "jewel" that is flanked by two more paste stones. Beneath that is a half inch wide strip of tarnished gold bullion trim with a ruffled edge at the top, it was salvaged from a very old vestment. The double chain necklace is a modern piece with a lobster claw closure. Tied at the back is an antique strip of red cotton that lays gently and flatters the nape of the neck. There are four of the "juiciest" red cut glass beads I've ever seen strung along the front along with four accompanying vintage freshwater pearls. The Sacred Heart is on a hand cut wood backing making it a sturdy yet lightweight piece. The heart measures 4 3/4" long x 2 1/2" wide. The chain length is 11 3/4" long. A High Spirited Statement Piece just waiting on that Special Someone to Claim it as their very own!
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