Monday, November 26, 2007

Story Time

A short story about a doll named Emma, she is an antique, and she just turned 100 years old, she is of quite large proportions, nearly 2' 5" tall.

She came to me with a most terrible crack on her head and often complained that it ached! This worried me so till one day I noticed a wee little squint as she gazed into her book.

Ah ha, I know just what is needed! And digging through that old dust covered chest we keep way down in the basement, I found them, a crooked pair of specs, perfect; as one little porcelain ear is higher than the other due to my repair job.

And just as I suspected, was just what she needed.

Well now, Emma starts to read... Uh hem, ok so she really hasn't

learnt to reed jest yit, so play along and bear with her, you wouldn't want to clip her wings now would you?!

Starts to read; Oh, Ounce poupon a mime, and jaber, jaber, jaber, and yap, yap, yak and so on and so forth...

I tell you I could listen to her for hours, and truly, Emma's versions of the stories are vastly more entertaining, even if I can't understand a word she says!

Amb dey libbed appee effer affer! Bee Ehn

Moral of the story; It might just be a cracked old doll, but I love her all the more for it!

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