Thursday, November 8, 2007

Teeny Tiny Royal Crowns!

I thought that with the Holidays approaching fast there might be the need to fancy up a few things, you know for guests and such. And what better way to dress up for the festivities is there than donning a crown?! I started making these when I was a kid, I would draw a face on the end of my finger and plop a glitter crown on it and "King Rupert" would rule over my whole doll Kingdom! (Hmmm, maybe I should not have told you that!) Oh, well think what you will! Here is a brief tutorial to create teeny little crowns for any one that might need one!
Using craft wire and needle nose pliers bend a 6 inch length of wire into a tiara or crown shape, twisting the ends together.

Don't worry if the ends look messy because they will get covered up any way.

Dip crown into a thick decoupage medium, ( I used Mod Podge) coat throughly.

Then either sprinkle glitter on,

or dip in a pile or bowl of glitter.

Make sure to let them dry throughly. You can further embellish them with tiny rhinestones.

Try different colors and textures of glitter from fine to coarse.

They look cute on just about any thing!

A few years ago I made up a bunch and used them as fancy little place card holders at a dinner party I threw and then let each guest take theirs home with them! They were a big hit!

They would even be cute with little ribbons tied to them and hung up on the Christmas tree!