Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Giving thanks on Thanksgiving... in these days of trying times, what are you thankful for?
Me? Well, I am thankful for many things like the funny little mocking bird that sits in the tall oak tree down the street,

he sings every single day in the late afternoon. This bird sings wonderful songs, he sings the song of an old squeaky metal gate slowly being opened and a hungry kitty meowing for his dinner with a saucer of milk on the side. This talented and extremely aware little bird even

sings the song of a chubby, green, wide eyed neighbor who lives below him at the edge of the creek, the one that goes, RRRrriiibbttt, ribit, ribit and just for good measure he throws in the occasional cricket's chirp!

I am thankful for happy smiles, young & old, honey in my tea, corn on the cob with sweet butter, the desire to create, cashmere socks, flannel pajamas, but most of all my family and friends & giving thanks to you for taking the time out of your busy lives to spend a bit with me!


And so in the spirit of giving thanks, a beauteous yet useful gift for you, a Thanksgiving place card for all of the Grande Dame's in your house! As for the gentlemen, well,

they should know which lady they are lucky enough to be seated next to! Simply print out the place card below, print directly on to a high grade cardstock, cut out, be sure to leave a 1" tab at the bottom edge to fold over so it will stand. You can also use these as pretty pie markers too! Please, personal use only. Give Thanks at Thanks Giving! Enjoy!
*Note: I will announce the Where Women Create winners on Sunday Nov. 30th!