Thursday, February 12, 2015

TBT Dwight Yoakam Turn me Loose

Did I ever mention to you that I've had somewhat of a colorful life? 
So one day I found myself swinging, squirming and wiggling around in a saddle strung high up (about 40ft) in the air above Dwight Yoakam's head... just to the left of a pretty French chandelier. Two weeks earlier I had gone to a typical audition with about 2000 other models all vying for a few parts (thats why they term them cattle calls) This one happened to be held in the offices of Lucas Film Studios (Star Wars) they were casting for one of their first music videos. I waited my turn (hours and hours) then met with the man himself George Lucas, Dwight and a few other people. I was told I had the gig, was given a sheet of paper with shoot dates, call times, directions to the location (a huge sound stage in a warehouse) and the wardrobe persons contact info (to give her my size stats) My wardrobe turned out to be shiny silver shorts, black Versace thigh high boots and a crazy cone bra... Anyway as you can see they had us carefully harnessed. Safety first, right?! The video concept was that of a funky "Star Warsish" type bar... It was great fun, but took several days to film just that short bit of footage. They must have played back that song a thousand times, good thing it is such a cool tune! I sang it and heard it in my head for weeks. Afterwards we had a nice wrap party. Dwight was such a honey, gracious and humble for someone who beams with such outrageous talent, a real country gentleman's gentleman. I remember he made it a point to go around to thank and shake hands with every single person who worked on that job, including the caterers. Thats what impressed me most about him! Seeing this video and hearing that song again takes me right back to that day... But then songs have the power to do that, don't they!