Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ever Get the Feeling Somebody is Watching You?!

Slowly she turned, step by step, inch by inch....A cold shiver ran down her spine!

She definitely had the feeling she was being watched! Oooh, Whats this? A handsome stranger!

Why, Hello tall, dark and cutie! Did you bring me Tricks or Treats!

Check out Somerset Holidays & Celebrations Vol. 1 2007 for complete details and instructions on how to create some vintage style paddle masks of your own. All you will need are some old photographs ,black cardstock, a variety of crepe paper, popcicle sticks, pipe cleaners and glue.

What better way the prevent yourself from being recognized by the ghosts and goblins lurking about on All Hallows Eve than by wearing a mask upon a mask!

Who Goes There!
Trick or Treat!
Smell my Feet!
Give me Something
Good to Eat!