Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Something Wicked this Way Comes...

Let me start out this story by saying I love my husband dearly, that said,

Every year I leave the pumpkin buying up to him and usually he brings home the most perfect plump little pumpkin ever!
So why should I think last years pumpkin would be any different?! Well following in the tradition of Good ole Charlie Brown (ie, christmas tree fiasco). Much to my surprise what he arrived home with was an odd misfit, lying on it's side!
What the Heck am I going to do with that! I exclaimed! Then he told me he just felt sorry for it. Little kids were making fun of it and one kids father even said it will probably wind up in the compost heap! He just couldn't leave it there, unloved and unwanted.

Needless to say this big blonde Dutch boy simply melts my heart.

And that odd little misfit of a Jack-O-Lantern is the ONE we always remember!