Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wicked Witch Wanda of the West Vitrine

Once upon a wee wicked time there lived a most beautiful witch, she made her home sweet home on the bottom shelf of a very old French vitrine. Wicked Wanda did live amongst riches and luxury, she had very fine tastes indeed! There were frilly lace carpets beneath her feets and a colossal gold lamp in the kitchen! She even had a portrait of her favorite familiar, "Noodles" the bat framed and hung upon the wall.

A green eyed lady with flame red hair she was, who wore a necklace of diamonds and eyeballs no less! Her costume of rags and tags and bags hastily stitched together, two jack o lanterns abreast, one happy, one sad!

At night when the giant people slept, she would with her magic, turn the skeleton key that held her locked captive within that vitrine and climb down the long leg of the cabinet, where she would run rampant and steal all their glittery golden goods! One by one things would go missing, bits and snipets and parts she needed to concoct her devilish brews!

And stewing and brewing in her pearly bubbling caldron, a poor pale stolen porcelain lass, add a pinch of newts eye and a peck of that knarled up mandrake couple and last but not least to bring out her delicate flavor, a few of those Fanciful Twist mushrooms!

Yum, Yum she says aloud to her self, Me thinks this potion will works just fine this time! And when youz are all cooked up nice and well done my pretty, I will conjure up three more batches of brew, a bottle of German Maiden Heinz 57, a pint of Old English Lass No. 2 and specially for me, to lure that good man, a spritzer filled to the brim with Coquettish French Love No. 9! So take heed all you lovelies on this ALL HALLOWS EVE, keep one eye wide open

and stay one step ahead, lest you wind up in my next lumpy loaf of bread!
***************************************Happy Halloween my Bloglandia Friends!*********************************************