Sunday, April 27, 2008

Blue Denim Ball

Come one, come all! To the Blue Denim ball!

Step right up! Step right in! You're invited!

Be my guest and join the party!

It's all about recycling isn't it? And I want to do my part!

Ever wonder what to do with last years, a bit too short and a tad too tight denim skirt?! Ok, so it's not last years or even the year before that, gosh, you see,

I really can't bear to throw anything out, I think a lot of us are that way and I have a box of old clothes that I'm just not ready to part with, oh, but for various reasons,

maybe a certain sweater I was wearing the first time we kissed,

or a pair of jeans worn on our last anniversary, you know sentimental stuff!

Well, that was the case with this old denim skirt, I knew I would never wear it again, Heaven forbid,

but wanted to hang on to it anyway!

Famous last words, I'll find something to do with it...

So I figured, hmmm, denim... canvas...Oh, canvas! Yes that's it!

Why not create a fancy dress ball?! And send out invitations, have all the party girls dressed to the nines, in frills and feathers and lace and such!
And maybe some curtains with fringe on the bottom, and vases filled with flowers?! Well , why not?! Anythings possible!

And party goers toasting and chatting and whispering " Did you see what she's wearing, why the nerve of that girl"!

"Isn't that last years skirt, has she no shame"?! "Well I do declare"!

For all the details and instructions pick up a back issue of the Spring 2007 issue of Altered Couture available here and there are 2 pages of free clip art included of the prettiest girls in town dressed in their finest and ready for the ball!

And to get your party started, here is a free downloadable, from me to you. These lovely ladies are from my private collection of La Mode Illustree , Bureaux du Journal, Paris circa 1868
Feel free to use them in your personal artwork! Enjoy!