Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tempus Fugit

Where shall I start? Maybe where I left off last night, 12,692, sheep that is!

I am a certified (if there were such a thing) insomniac.

Sleep is practically an exotic luxury for me. Much like a lush oasis in the middle of the desert!

{I say, who are you there peering through at me, and what delicious delights do you possess?}
Sleeping at times is like chasing the elusive pot of gold at the end of my rainbow! It is certainly a highly prized event when I do get a good nights sleep!

In those precious too few hours that I am able to nod off the time passes by in a sort of continuous moving picture show,

reel to reel and in vibrant technicolor! Accompanied by what sounds to me like it can only be Dolby Stereo!

I recall, I always have the fleeting thought that, I wish someone would please turn it down a smidge ( you know, like with the TV dream remote control ).

{A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men! My homage to Daffy Duck in the cartoon The Mustache Bandit!}
I awaken many days more exhausted from the previous nights adventures than before I actually went to bed!

Don't get me wrong, an overactive imagination is most certainly a blessing, albeit somewhat disguised( at least that's what my Grandpapa used to tell me)! I have learned to live with it, even take advantage and make good use of it, maybe I am just a night owl?! Huh, never thought of that before!

I guess I must catch just enough Zzzzz's to keep me going because really my only complaint is that there doesn't ever seem to

be enough time to implement all the ideas that come rushing in, to recreate and capture the dreamy visions I've just been privy to!

I do my very best to keep up, there are sketch books stacked high simply filled to overflowing, and yes, even stuffed with odd bits of doodled napkins.

{Look at the world thru sapphire colored glasses for spectacular signs of life!}
Countless scribbles on restaurant receipts and theatre tickets with written notes jotted down on any available blank spot!

I think if I could live 9 or 10 lifetimes, there still would not be enough time to create all I would wish to!
And all I have plans for!

Oh to be magical, mystical, I would "Pop" more hours into each and every day!

{Remove that skin you've been hiding in! Yes, it can be cold, but only for a moment!}
"Zap" more minutes into every hour!

"Zing" more heart beats to the all ready too short span!

And blow many, many, many more breaths, ah, to catch, to catch! Where does the time go?!

And while we're on the subject, will someone please tell me how the 80's got so far away?!
Time is of the essence and I would like another serving! Please, may I have some more Sir?
Sweet dreams my friends!
12,697, sheep that is!
And counting!