Monday, May 5, 2008

Paint a Shirt

Salvador Dali challenged us to see the ordinary in an extraordinary way. The first time I saw any of Dali's work was in a class in art history in high school.

I remember thinking to myself, what the heck was this guy on?! I didn't really like it so much, it sort of scared me and made me feel uneasy.

A few years later I read an old interview with him and the journalist point blank asked him if he used drugs to find his inspiration, his answer surprised me!

Drugs?! He said sharply, and sounding a bit offended, I don't take drugs! I AM drugs!

That is the point I really began to understand his work, I began to see what he was sharing, simply another perception!
The lesson for me was to view the world and everything in it in a different way!

The next time I saw Dali's work was up close and personal, I was so fortunate as to literally stumble upon a quite extensive exhibit in Venice, Italy. There I was wandering the most incredible sidewalks on earth and right in the middle of town

in a tiny village square, stood a large bronze figure of a woman in a bustled dress, as I approached the piece, I saw that there were graduating drawers built right into her skirt! At that moment I realized art could be anything, anything you like, it's as simple as that!

And even though the images might be jarring, it really is only a few short steps away from the much loved and widely excepted looking glass!

You see what I mean, inspiration can come from just about anywhere and everywhere! Sometimes its just about searching out and conveying a feeling,

sometimes what an object was initially intended for is completely irrelevant, it is only important what it can become!

Art can change a mood, lift your spirits, set you free, even trigger distant memories!

As I'm sure you have noticed while I've been rambling on, I used this 1960's thrift store find as unexpected inspiration for a new painting! I love the unusual mix of colors that are in it's design, chocolate, pink and yellow!

The next time you are out thrifting challenge yourself to see things in a different way!