Sunday, March 30, 2008

What if?

Eye was thinking...

When is a doll just a cigar, I mean doll? ( I know my attempts at humor are awful!) Le petite french poupee sitting quietly on a shelf,

countless books have been written of their wide eyed far away stare, apple cheeks and painted titled smiles.

Are the little mannequins just the sum of their parts,

graceful elongated china arms,

to gently hold you,

delicate sloping legs ending in two tone button down boots,

or even sweet little woolen knee highs and bow tied mary janes.

Perhaps a fully jointed composition body ready for restorations and repairs?

Maybe she is but a mere silent treasured novelty

with cork pate and curly wig and

the teeniest tiniest pair of chestnut brown sleep eyes, all the better

to see you with my dears! Or is she a wealth of information waiting to be tapped? Does her mood change when her wardrobe does?

A lacey Edwardian fit neatly around

a gusseted kid leather body.

Maybe a playful "A" line made from Great Grandmama's cast offs.

Does she feel happy or sad or silly or mad?

Does she yearn to taste a cookie or two or three and a sip of warm chamomile tea with just a touch of honey, no lemon, yes milk. Thank you.

Will she become a spoiled naughty girl when I put her bits together or what if,

what if, I indulge in my more playful desires and turn her into an art doll,

a piece only to be studied and evaluated, never to be held in the arms of a young confidante?

Will the others laugh at her, call her names because she is different?

Will she care and what if, what if, she can never, ever become a girl at all? These thoughts cross my mind, do you wonder if they whisper when we walk away, "Silly humans, so complicated, they should try to be happy just dressed up and pretty"! "It's easy, it is, it is! A doll is a constant faithful companion a friend not a foe, she will happily cheer you up and chase away your woes.

Countless secrets have been shared and tears have been shed and sweet little prayers said just before bed.

Is her worth in dollars and cents, rare and valuable or just that she sees your point of view? I think that I vote for the latter of the two. All in all be a kind curator to your trusted friend, tend to her needs, keep her lovely and dusted and dry, for you never know... I could swear I have walked into my room and out of the corner of my eye just caught the slightest glimpse of, well, I'm not quite sure, but I know I saw something!

You see, I've been thinking. Adieu, see you later!