Sunday, May 11, 2008

La plume parle pour l'esprit

Drop by drop,

drip by drip,

La plume parles pour l'esprit!

My Dear,

may I ask,

why your slippers are hanging from the ceiling?!

What's this?!

What have we here?!

A very small and very lovely

pair of slippers standing all alone with no one in them!

The pen speaks for the mind... a message quickly scribbled on a small bit of paper, rolled up and tucked neatly into a shoe.

Only to be found all these long years later, perfectly preserved in the most delicate pair of what surely were once glorious
silver lame' shoes! In a slight petite size 3! Magical slippers no doubt, and a sweet little mystery that will never be solved, only deeply enjoyed by me, and now by you!

Sometimes, yes sometimes, my spirit gets out and goes soaring!

And now for those of you Romantic Homes magazine readers, there was a little snafu with the We Love/Make it (page 16) in the upcoming June 2008 issue. A couple of my projects accidentally got cross pollinated, and with many thanks to the wonderful editors, I am publishing the free downloadable elements sheet right here on my blog, along with complete instructions to create your very own "Note Worthy" tablette!

Be sure to pick up a copy, it's one of the loveliest issues yet!

Click on the image to down load a beautiful copy of this engraving No. 62 Les Vapeurs from my private collection of vintage fashion plates. Le Bon Genre was a colorful costumes book originally published in 1817.
Materials needed: cardstock, decoupage medium, decorative edge scissors, ribbon and a hole punch.
To assemble: Make a copy of the image. Cut out your copy with decorative edge scissors. Adhere it to a piece of cardstock using decoupage medium. Cut as many pieces of cardstock as you desire for your tablette. Punch two holes in the top of each sheet. Slip a piece of ribbon up through the bottom of each hole. Tie in a bow at the top.
And as always, for personal use only.
It makes me very happy to be able to share this antiquated Beauty with you!