Sunday, May 18, 2008

Smitten I Say!

"Fun is the most conservative element of society, and it ought to be cherished and encouraged by all lawful means. People never plot mischief when they are merry. Laughter is an enemy to malice, a foe to scandal and a friend to every virtue. It promotes good temper, enlivens the heart and brightens the intellect." taken from a favorite book : Out of the Hurly Burly published in 1874. All good things stand the test of time!

And with that in mind, I cannot say enough good things about Stampington & Company's Somerset Life magazine!

Once you open this periodical your adventure begins!

You will travel thru layer upon layer of wondrous inspiration and delight!
I know I shouldn't be telling you this but,

when I was a kid I would sneak a flashlight into bed with me at night, and when I was sure everyone was asleep I would sit up, toss the covers over my head to create a tent and read my comic books and chew gum! Always lots of gum!

I find myself doing the same thing with this sweet treat, only now its my husband and a mini book light, oh, and I don't wake up to find a wad of Double Bubble stuck in my hair! Good thing!

Each issue is a keeper, you know how with some magazines I wind up just tearing out my favorite photos and articles to put

into an inspirations scrap book, but oh no, not with these gems which are packed cover to cover with yummy deliciousness!

And as if that weren't enough be sure to check out the fabulous free down loadable included with this issue!

It is indeed a matter for rejoicing!