Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Muse

Think, unexpected, unstructured in every minute detail.
What is it, can you guess?

What will it be? A very special gift made from nothing, nothing at all, save for some very lovely, very old set paste stones,

and a few dressmakers pins. Now did I mention who it was for, well it will be a present for the invisible clown to wear! Yes, I said invisible clown!

What, you say you can't see him, is there really such a thing?! Yes there is!

When I was younger and would hear others speak of finding their muse, I always thought, when I find mine she (thought it would be a girl, for one) will be a beautiful siren type with flowing hair and a draped grecian gown and the air surrounding

her would have the faint smell of jasmine and lilac! So with that said, imagine my astonishment when I discovered that MY muse was actually an invisible clown, who's favorite treat in the whole wide world was Chicklets and who carries with him
the lingering aroma of day old popcorn! I even have a drawing of him, would you like to see?

I caught him one day, sneaking around the corner, I don't know who was more surprised, him or me! Mostly me!
But I suppose things aren't always as we expect or hoped them to be. I have grown to love and appreciate his antics and silly sense of humor over the years. Now he hangs around and helps me work! Once in a while he will whisper ideas in my ear,

sometimes really great ones and some kind of harebrained, but don't tell him I said that because I'll just deny it! Why it was just yesterday he was jabbering on and on about how he saw a lady who wore a most ravishing diamond necklace, he said

he couldn't bare to take his eyes off of it! And then he confided, it was all he could do to keep from slipping it right off her neck!

And by the way, his invisible eyes sparkled like precious jewels when he told me of this and since he's done so much for me without asking anything in return,

I thought I would create a shiny little bobble for his very own. So I got busy, while he curled up and took a nap, as he

usually does when the work begins! I gathered a few things I needed, first on my list of supplies is always a small bottle

(about 2 oz.) of magic. I use it for just about everything and highly recommend it!

Sometimes it can be a bit difficult to get a hold of,

and sometimes it is temporarily out of stock,

but trust me,

if you just stick with it,

and don't give up,

you will certainly find all that you need (which again, is just one small bottle, as a little goes a long, long way!)

So have you guessed what it is?

Why it's an invisible necklace!

And so here it is,

a necklace made especially for my dear little muse!

He liked it too, he really did!

I think I saw a slow smile curl up on his face,

good thing too,

because he can be so hard to please sometimes!


VISUALS DETAILS: 18th century georgian kid leather gloves with teal ruffled embroidered cuffs.
Victorian perfume bottles, found in the flea markets of France.
Plaster dipped dressmakers pins circa 1900.
Antique hemp linen with a turquoise and chocolate brown double dot pattern.