Monday, July 6, 2015


I am so thrilled about all the wonderful new things that we've Prima Marketing Flowers been working on, lots of fun and interesting pieces to add to the ever growing line that is RELICS & ARTIFACTS... I'll share a couple of things here and then you must pop on over to…/summer-2015-sneak-peeks-relics-a… to see more!! Fabulous new faces to play with... like Neptune, and a beautiful Winged Pegasus Seahorse!! I have created some cool wooden "backers" so that you can make more elaborate and versatile hanging and free standing pieces by adding wings, crowns and such. There will be a set of large gorgeous antique flowers that came from a very big, very old porcelain vase salvaged from a bombed out factory in Dresden, Germany during WWII. The factory is no longer there but these precious flowers found their way to me and now on to you!! Check out the painted examples over on the Prima blog... I tried to mimic the delicate colors and patterns of the originals. Also speaking of DRESDEN, we are putting out a beautiful line of foiled Dresden paper trims that go perfectly with the RELICS line!! Please leave your comments on the Prima blog and let them know what you think of the new collections and please feel free to share this post!! xoxo