Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Risks and Reward

Having a little discussion with one of my Relics & Artifacts tribe members reminded me of something I'd like to share with you... when I first started out in my art career I got a lot of rejection letters to my submissions. It only made me work harder and want it even more. And the funny thing is that I kept those rejection letters, every last one of them! I made the conscious decision to let them fuel the fire instead of put it out!! Even getting this RELICS & ARTIFACTS line out was no easy task, turned down again and again until someone else caught sight of my vision and got it!! Prima Marketing Flowers I believed in this collection and wasn't going to stop because I know that we must take risks in life to receive the rewards that really mean something to us! Moral to this little story DREAM AS BIG AS YOU WANT TO and then JUST GO FOR IT!! SAIL AWAY ON YOUR IMAGINATIONS and NEVER LOOK BACK!! ....WIP and Thank You for allowing me to share my dreams with you!!