Friday, August 24, 2007

An Egglette's Anniversary!

Ok, here we go! This is my ONE month anniversary! And in pure appreciation of all you wonderful ladies out there, I would like to give you a very personal glimpse into my wacky little world, and raffle away one of my funny little creatures I call Egglettes! I know silly name, a cross between Omlette and Eggo! Any who, I've been fascinated with all things Humpty Dumpty my whole life, and as you now know when I can't find something I want, I just whip up a few of my own! Then one turned into two and 2 into 3, and well, you know how that goes! I now have quite the motley little crew, Suzette, wearing a giant cotton candy pink bow, Coquette, sits in a crackled English saucer with a silver spoon by her side, and then theres Omlette, in his tin measuring cup cap and his pal Rocquette, in his cookie cutter chapeau... I know, sounds nuts, BUT there's more! Baby Babette rides along in a tiny green wicker carriage, while Alouette scoots by on an old iron tricycle. And Hamlette, with his long curly lambs wool locks and blue velvet tricorner, perches atop a burned out wood pipe throne, and last but not least, Bumpy! Again, I KNOW, don't ask?! (now there actually are a couple more, but who can keep track)?!
They are painted wooden eggs with porcelain arms and legs. Some one of a kind (mine) and some one of a few (yours).
And BUMPY, which we will raffle off, has a TALL burlap ice cream cone hat with pink felt dots and sits upon a yellow and black stripped wooden box.
Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered to win, I'll write each name on a bit of paper, fold them up, toss them into the air and the first one my little puppy Juliette picks up and runs off with (and she will) is the WINNER!! Be sure I have contact info for you. We'll pick the winner on Monday. GOOD LUCK to you all, ( I Love this part)! and thanks for stopping by!