Sunday, August 5, 2007

Treasures of the Future

From Somerset Workshop 2 (for details check out Stampington)

Everytime I browse the web (which is not nearly as often as I'd like) I am struck by the incredible amount of AMAZING art and artists that are out there. Everything from paper arts, to fabrics, photography and pottery, doll artists and illustrators, digital arts, decorators and designers, painters and WHEW! I could go on and on... How wonderful it all is to see! It feels like the air is simply exploding with creative energy, so invigorating and exciting! We are truly experiencing a second Renaissance - A FLOWERING OF THE ARTS! I know as I stand here today, that the pieces you all are making now will become the "found treasures" of the future, just as we are so elated when we discover a delicate crepe paper Easter basket that has been tenderly preserved, or a Christmas ornament that was put together with so much love, as we gingerly tote them home, dust them off, arrange and enshrine them under sparkling glass bell domes. I am so thrilled to be alive and in the midst of all of you! And lastly (a word from my flowers book) Thanks to those sensitive people in the past who had the forethought to save all the magical ephemera and passementerie we use to create our designs today!