Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Romance with Pop Art

Let me preface this post with a statement. "My artistic style is ALL OVER THE PLACE". That being said, I just love ALL styles of artistic expression. I'm a girlie girl to the core but yet there's a hard edge that's undeniable. My tastes in decorating are just as diverse, I simply adore fine laces and vintage tapestries paired with a hot pink patent leather chair! A few months back I decided our decor needed to be livened up and thought some pop art would do the trick. Now being a big fan of Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollack ( just to name a few) and not willing to spend a small fortune, I thought I would try to create my own. First a crisp, clean, black and white piece to hang above the frolicing french cupids.

Then for my husbands office, his favorite comic book hero CAPTAIN AMERICA.

( I liked the red, white and blue color scheme).
And lastly for our bedroom, I wanted something very special, vibrant and colorful but not quite sure I could produce the desired effect. Then it came to me! First I will show you my two most highly prized possessions.

And now I will introduce to you the "ARTEEST", the one, the only, ROMEO!!

I painted the background colors, poured out a few puddles of paint and let him go to town, he was mildly interested for a while,the paint on his feet, the making of a MESS, he enjoyed that part, then bored with it all, just strolled off, leaving me to clean up the mess. I especially like the little scratch marks his nails made!
Disclaimer: No kitties were harmed in the making of this post.