Thursday, August 2, 2007

A page from my Sketch Book

I thought it might be interesting to show a design go from a scratchy scribble in my sketch book to the actual finished piece, ready for the production line. I have a good size collection of antique books filled with engravings and ever so delicate watercolor painted scenes, which serves as an endless supply of clip art. Once I get an idea, I start searching though stacks of books to find just the right bits of images I want to use. This is the most time consuming part for me! My husband ALWAYS says jokingly "What are you looking for?" when he knows good and well I won't know it till I see it! You know how that goes? Sometimes I'm thinking " I need this piece or that shape" and only this piece will do, when I suddenly find a funny little face, or silly bent smile, or a pair of roguish eyes and it just speaks to me! And sure enough that was the one to perfectly or better yet not so perfectly complete it. My images have a way of taking on a life all their own, they dictate to me how they shall look, I know that might sound funny, but at 3:00 am all things are possible.

Sketch Book Scribblings

The Color Collage

The Actual Rubber Stamp Image, "Chancellor"