Tuesday, August 7, 2007

G L A M O R O U S ...spells glamorous!

One of the main reasons I wanted to start a blog was that it gives me the opportunity to really personally share my art with you. I wish that I could respond to all of your wonderful comments, just know that I do appreciate them so very much! And this FREE ART is my way of saying MERCI!! My FREE ART will be an on going series, so stay tuned and HAVE FUN!
The design of this piece came out of sheer necessity. A while back I was trolling one of my favorite antique shops, let me back up a moment by saying at the previous shop (yes, it was one of those days) I had just spent a bundle and was really "just looking". Any way, there in a glass case stood what I thought was an unusual paper doll dressed in a dreamy, delicate vintage confection of a handkerchief. The shop attendant told me it was actually an old store display piece from the 1920's. A certain manufacturer created these cheeky little stand ups to show off their line of hankies. GENIUS! So let me just say I REALLY wanted it but decided to think about it a bit, BIG MISTAKE, you guessed it, a few hours later (when I came to my senses), it was GONE! My new motto, Buy it when you see it, like the sign says! I decided to create my own version, and here she is sultry, slinky and a bit on the naughty side! A gift I'd like to share with you. Simply download the image, decoupage to heavy cardstock, cut out and fold the right corner of the base back to create the stand. Embellish by gluing on fabrics, feathers and trims. Tell all your friends, and I'd love to see what you come up with, so please send me photos so I can do another post featuring a bevy of beauties!
*Permission is granted to use design for personal use only any other use is prohibited.