Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just One Of Those Days...

It was just one of those days, you know, one of those ho hum days.
I felt like doing something exciting, new, different, maybe a new restaurant?
Or there is that new antiques shop down town I have yet to explore, I bet there are some great things in there!
But today somehow none of these things seem to be quite it.
Then it struck me, yes, yes, yes THAT'S exactly what I need!
I want to see something that my 40 something eyes have NEVER before seen, feel so thrilled I might just burst!
But no chemicals here, no, nothing artificial, a natural high that's what I need!
And so the only answer was to take a GIANT LEAP!
Straight out the door of a plane!


And then to FLOAT,gently, quietly, softly back to earth.

Refreshed, renewed, invigorated.

Truly ready to take on what ever comes my way.

What can I say, I guess I just have an adventureous spirit!?

Foot Note: It really puts things into perspective and you don't sweat the little things anymore!
I highly recommend it!