Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh, Sing to me!

Circa 1857

Oh, Sing to me!
My heart is filled tonight
with memories flitting fleetly;
Shadows - but oh! so bright;
Mournful - but oh! so sweetly;
Oh! Sing to me tonight!

One morning, as she was gathering flowers in the conservatory, then ever so artfully arranging them,
she hardly took notice as Jerome Elliot entered.

He was tall, deep chested and powerful in frame; with quite a distinguished air; the ideal
of an accomplished gentleman. He stood, for some time, then taking a rose up to her cheek and at
last said, " Do you know, Lillian,
that I think you are quite lovely?! "

Lillian looked at him with a frank, clear gaze, then said, simply, " I
have thought, ever since I can remember, that I should like to be beautiful and admired." And with
that turned, and rustled across the vast room,

then began to run through the great castle halls, careful not
to lose a slipper.

To be continued.......
Oh! Sing to me tonight!
Twere doubly sweet tonight!
Sing - sing, but not of sorrow!
Low - lest my heart grow light
Too soon and that were tomorrow;
Oh! Sing to me tonight!

This piece is titled PIGALLE, which is an area of Paris, a sort of red light district, where Toulouse-
Latrec's studio once was as well as Picasso and Vangogh, named after Jean-Baptiste Pigalle.
There are three tiny dancers frolicking

neath a glowing pink crystal chandelier and tucked under
her skirt Prince Jerome Charming

awaits transformation through a single magic kiss!