Sunday, September 30, 2007

Poetry Cafe

Meanwhile back at the Conservatory.....
Disclaimer: I've been debating whether or not to share my poems with you. I must admit, it leaves me feeling a bit like a peeled grape, but as there can be no fear in creativity; I must push through it, and now I should like to perform for you, (with visual accompaniment)

Deep in the garden of glass flowers
where the sharp flowers grow,

heavy frozen dew drops glisten
along every coiling vine.

Beware, be careful, upon what ground you tread
for these ruthless little beauties can prick a

delicate finger at only the slightest brush.

Their fragile beauty is but only to be admired.
These blossoms shall not be harshly cut and
plunked into a vase.

Adored only too briefly, by only so few, then
carelessly tossed away.
Oh no, instead will grow twisted and tall in the
gleaming of the sun
and ever so wildly bloom,

sending fertile bits
of glitter to find its fate upon the winds.

Live, to enjoy visits from lacey winged ones,

who would share in their beauty,

not shamelessly, selfishly steal it away.
Then when said duty is done, will quietly go,
willingly so, to collapse onto the ground,

mingle tenderly with earth.
Await it's turn to commence again, deep in
the garden of glass flowers where the sharp
flowers grow.