Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unsolved Mystery

Several years ago I purchased this wonderfully whimsical lavender tea pot, (at quite a bargain I might add). I'm frugal if I'm anything! Psssst, but don't ask my husband because somehow he has a different idea! He foolishly thinks if you buy alot of little things at cheap prices its the same as buying one big thing at a large price! Silly I know but a Man's logic, go figure. Any who back to the subject, although it has a minor chip on the top hat and was missing its lid, it is simply one of my very favorite things. Now for the mystery, which by the way, I would like your assistance in solving. I don't have a clue where it was made, or about how long ago, or by what company and despite all my best efforts I haven't been able to turn up any real answers!?

It is about 12 inches tall and beautifully modeled, very sharp details, is a scrumptious lavender colored porcelain with the look and feel of Wedgwood or jasper ware.

It has a soft sage green wash and 24kt gold accents. On the bottom of the pot the # 3867 is pressed directly into the porcelain and painted in red is the # 46. If any one knows anything about this piece I would love to find out whatever I can. I mean, what if there is a whole tea set out there somewhere that goes with it!?! I should get started looking as soon as possible, no? For me, a large part of the intrigue of an antique is in it's origins and it's history and I would sure like to finally solve this mystery!
Lately I've been really into brooches and have begun my own small collection. At a recent estate sale I purchased a box of old fabrics and trims. Among all the goods was a small piece of silver fur which I thought would make a most charming brooch.

I want to begin a series of Mini Tutorials and from time to time give instructions on creating fun Quickie Projects.
Fur Ball Bon Bon Brooch

9" long piece of fur, faux or otherwise (about 2" wide)
Selection of millinery flowers
Upholstery needle and thread
2" x 2" piece of felt
Fabric glue
Pin backing
Curl fur piece into a tight ball and stitch together so it holds firmly.
Cut felt piece into a circle to fit back of brooch.
Stitch pin backing to felt circle then adhere it to back of brooch.
Use fabric glue to arrange a selection of flowers to center of ball.
And Voila! Pin to your favorite pair of comfy jeans and a thrifting we will go!
One last thing, just wanted to mention check out my friend Cathy's blog. She always has great projects and instructions!
Happy Arts and Crafting girls!