Monday, March 10, 2008

Fanciful Paper Flowers Giveaway!

" The earth laughs in flowers" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

In my book Fanciful Paper Flowers (available here) there are 30 different fresh and new creative techniques for crafting an enchanted garden,

also included is a library of vintage ephemera for you to copy and use in your works of art! Everything from lovely old floral post cards and these funny little daisy faces, even an antique chocolates box top from the 1920's! There are lots and lots of patterns to use to make terrific paper bouquets! All shapes and sizes and colors!

Very detailed instuctions on how to create beautiful bees wax dipped polka dotted Two Lips ( I know, it's not really spelled that way but I like it this way better! Makes me giggle every time I say it!) and ethereal tissue paper posies to hang in a window and let the sun shine through!

The first time you turn a flat sheet of paper into a dimensional blossom you'll want to make dozens!

And just in time for Spring too! No need to force those little bulbs here! The pink cheeked flower girl is waiting patiently and can be photo copied again and again!

The rosy roses you see here sit atop a "Secrets Only" journal! Who could resist writing in it? Flowers upon flowers, just spells fun!

You'll be surprised just how easy it is to create these 3 D buds! This particular technique would be wonderful used as a brooch too! One of my favorite projects in the book are crepe paper shoe clips which I use to enhance a pair of vintage slippers!

Metropolitan myrtle has grown and entwined it's self around a quiet bronze cherub!

Black pearls and antique rhinestone buttons accent this curly parchment vine!

And who says flowers can't be made from buildings and letters anyway?

So we come to the "Giveaway" part, the paper towel tube flowers here need a new home,

the 3 you see are the original pieces I created for the book, tiny little glass flat marbles have beneath them angelic happy faces,

and they dangle from long upside down "wire" stems strung with hundreds of pink glass seed beads, to weight them down and add some sparkle Amethyst and Rose quartz polished stones swing from the ends!

Hang them in a window to see them gently glow,

you may even want to create a few more! And you surely can as the decorative papers I used are included in the book!

I will pick a winner next Sunday, March 16th and ship them off on Monday!
Make sure I have a way to notify you!

Isn't there a Doris Day (love her!) movie called Don't Pick the Daisies?!
Ok, so it's Don't Eat the Daisies! Even cuter!
Well, these can be picked and made by the dozens even if you don't have a green thumb and best of all they never, ever need watering!