Sunday, March 16, 2008

A poem for Easter

And the winner of the paper flowers is....

Dede Warren!
I want to THANK YOU all so much and I will have more paper flowers to give away real soon! But in the meantime I'd like to share a very old poem with you,
Spring Song
by Mendelssohn

Wake up you sleepers,
wake up the sleeping earth!

Now is come the Easter,
time for your rebirth!

All through the snows of winter,
you've been fast asleep!

Sunshine now is calling,
and little rabbits leap!

You, you little chickens,
in your eggs fast curled,

Peck out into the sunshine,
and see the great wide world!

You, you little seedlings,
sleeping in the ground,

Send up shoots and blossoms,
earth is green and round!

Lambs come a frisking,
all you young things play!

Life again is waking,
come this Easter day!

Ring the bells for Easter,
ring them full and deep!

It's Easter!
And life's awaking,

after a long winters sleep!
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter day filled with heaps of yummy chocolate bunnies, baskets of colorful eggs and warm rays of glittering sunshine!

Vignette details:
an assortment of antique Easter goodies including a golden paper mache rabbit candy container, two giant crinkled foil paper eggs, a handful of velvet violets, an old German papered Easter egg decorated with daffodils and little yellow chicks, and two cute round faced baby duckling figurines. The fuzzy bunny baby doll is one of my porcelain pieces. I created her using a reproduction mold, poured, painted and fired it. Then created a little bunny suit made from scraps of very fine vintage brown mohair I found at a local flea market. The doll is nestled in a silk cabbage purchased at the crafts store, a few tiny clay flowers and bits of silk ribbon were used to decorate the bunny hood!