Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Mad Hatter's Favorite Hat

Oh, La Dee Da! La Dee Da! Just thinking out loud...

Have you ever noticed,

that the very instant,

in which a Hat is placed upon your head, you are transformed!
Just like that!
That is the magic of a Hat!

A hat, any hat really, carries within its beribboned brim,

the power to convert the unsuspecting wearer,

to drastically change a mood, to brighten the day

and shade the sun or keep the rains drops from ones cheeks!

A hat worn in just the right way,

on just the right lady,

on just the right day,

can even spur on and spark a tune for the Easter Parade!

A pretty little bonnet, with all the frills upon it...

This one just happens to be covered in paper, decorated with parchment letters and bows, even a precious coiled gift from the sea!

And further fancied up with velvet berries and such, not too little , but surely too much!

Then drizzled with sparkling rhinestones and the softest of lilac ostrich feathers to gently float in the wind!

For all the details and every little how to, pick up the Spring 2008 edition of Altered Couture by Stampington & Company.

And then go on a hunt

for a hat of your own

to transform and transfix!