Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just One Of Those Days...

It was just one of those days, you know, one of those ho hum days.
I felt like doing something exciting, new, different, maybe a new restaurant?
Or there is that new antiques shop down town I have yet to explore, I bet there are some great things in there!
But today somehow none of these things seem to be quite it.
Then it struck me, yes, yes, yes THAT'S exactly what I need!
I want to see something that my 40 something eyes have NEVER before seen, feel so thrilled I might just burst!
But no chemicals here, no, nothing artificial, a natural high that's what I need!
And so the only answer was to take a GIANT LEAP!
Straight out the door of a plane!


And then to FLOAT,gently, quietly, softly back to earth.

Refreshed, renewed, invigorated.

Truly ready to take on what ever comes my way.

What can I say, I guess I just have an adventureous spirit!?

Foot Note: It really puts things into perspective and you don't sweat the little things anymore!
I highly recommend it!

Poetry Cafe

Meanwhile back at the Conservatory.....
Disclaimer: I've been debating whether or not to share my poems with you. I must admit, it leaves me feeling a bit like a peeled grape, but as there can be no fear in creativity; I must push through it, and now I should like to perform for you, (with visual accompaniment)

Deep in the garden of glass flowers
where the sharp flowers grow,

heavy frozen dew drops glisten
along every coiling vine.

Beware, be careful, upon what ground you tread
for these ruthless little beauties can prick a

delicate finger at only the slightest brush.

Their fragile beauty is but only to be admired.
These blossoms shall not be harshly cut and
plunked into a vase.

Adored only too briefly, by only so few, then
carelessly tossed away.
Oh no, instead will grow twisted and tall in the
gleaming of the sun
and ever so wildly bloom,

sending fertile bits
of glitter to find its fate upon the winds.

Live, to enjoy visits from lacey winged ones,

who would share in their beauty,

not shamelessly, selfishly steal it away.
Then when said duty is done, will quietly go,
willingly so, to collapse onto the ground,

mingle tenderly with earth.
Await it's turn to commence again, deep in
the garden of glass flowers where the sharp
flowers grow.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Blip, Blip, Blip...
We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a SILLY local service announcement!

Thank you for you co-operation!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh, Sing to me!

Circa 1857

Oh, Sing to me!
My heart is filled tonight
with memories flitting fleetly;
Shadows - but oh! so bright;
Mournful - but oh! so sweetly;
Oh! Sing to me tonight!

One morning, as she was gathering flowers in the conservatory, then ever so artfully arranging them,
she hardly took notice as Jerome Elliot entered.

He was tall, deep chested and powerful in frame; with quite a distinguished air; the ideal
of an accomplished gentleman. He stood, for some time, then taking a rose up to her cheek and at
last said, " Do you know, Lillian,
that I think you are quite lovely?! "

Lillian looked at him with a frank, clear gaze, then said, simply, " I
have thought, ever since I can remember, that I should like to be beautiful and admired." And with
that turned, and rustled across the vast room,

then began to run through the great castle halls, careful not
to lose a slipper.

To be continued.......
Oh! Sing to me tonight!
Twere doubly sweet tonight!
Sing - sing, but not of sorrow!
Low - lest my heart grow light
Too soon and that were tomorrow;
Oh! Sing to me tonight!

This piece is titled PIGALLE, which is an area of Paris, a sort of red light district, where Toulouse-
Latrec's studio once was as well as Picasso and Vangogh, named after Jean-Baptiste Pigalle.
There are three tiny dancers frolicking

neath a glowing pink crystal chandelier and tucked under
her skirt Prince Jerome Charming

awaits transformation through a single magic kiss!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Youb Scared the Pants of Tut?

I bet you'll never guess what this means?! My husband and his band are going on tour in Europe very soon and since the best deal we could get for phone calls was still very expensive we decided to try texting each other. Now I don't know about you but, this is new to me. Even following the manual I've still been a bit confused, so needless to say he's gotten a few cryptic messages, like I'm thimmling of youb! and Youb scared the pants of Tut! I'm starting to get the hang of it now, I actually sent one off spelled correctly today! Ahhh, technology...

Do you remember that moment of self discovery (no, not THAT one) the HEY I'm an ARTIST one! Have you ever sat down and pegged that singular point in time when you first discovered you were an artist? It's funny how things turn out, I remember the exact moment it happened to me! When I was a kid I looked forward to the Sunday paper because that's when the full color comic strips were out. (Ok, ok lets just say I was born sometime in the 60's) I poured over every one and after reading them I found myself studying them, really dissecting every frame, the solid blocks of color and basic line drawings were just the coolest thing! My Aunt always saved the white cardboard inserts that pantyhose used to come folded around, I loved to draw on them. I could spend hours just doodling and trying to copy those comics, then that day finally came, I drew the exact likeness of Dagwood's Blondie! All the comic book characters still fascinate me.

I had never felt such exhilaration or been so proud of myself! I think the single most important thing you can do is to Discover your talent in what ever field it may lie. Talent comes in so many ways, shapes and forms and I believe it is your duty to yourself and others to recognise it and then apply it. I mean what if Michaelangelo had decided to be a farmer instead? (nothing againt farmers mind you, but that wasn't where his talent was.)

Wouldn't we all be the lesser for it?!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unsolved Mystery

Several years ago I purchased this wonderfully whimsical lavender tea pot, (at quite a bargain I might add). I'm frugal if I'm anything! Psssst, but don't ask my husband because somehow he has a different idea! He foolishly thinks if you buy alot of little things at cheap prices its the same as buying one big thing at a large price! Silly I know but a Man's logic, go figure. Any who back to the subject, although it has a minor chip on the top hat and was missing its lid, it is simply one of my very favorite things. Now for the mystery, which by the way, I would like your assistance in solving. I don't have a clue where it was made, or about how long ago, or by what company and despite all my best efforts I haven't been able to turn up any real answers!?

It is about 12 inches tall and beautifully modeled, very sharp details, is a scrumptious lavender colored porcelain with the look and feel of Wedgwood or jasper ware.

It has a soft sage green wash and 24kt gold accents. On the bottom of the pot the # 3867 is pressed directly into the porcelain and painted in red is the # 46. If any one knows anything about this piece I would love to find out whatever I can. I mean, what if there is a whole tea set out there somewhere that goes with it!?! I should get started looking as soon as possible, no? For me, a large part of the intrigue of an antique is in it's origins and it's history and I would sure like to finally solve this mystery!
Lately I've been really into brooches and have begun my own small collection. At a recent estate sale I purchased a box of old fabrics and trims. Among all the goods was a small piece of silver fur which I thought would make a most charming brooch.

I want to begin a series of Mini Tutorials and from time to time give instructions on creating fun Quickie Projects.
Fur Ball Bon Bon Brooch

9" long piece of fur, faux or otherwise (about 2" wide)
Selection of millinery flowers
Upholstery needle and thread
2" x 2" piece of felt
Fabric glue
Pin backing
Curl fur piece into a tight ball and stitch together so it holds firmly.
Cut felt piece into a circle to fit back of brooch.
Stitch pin backing to felt circle then adhere it to back of brooch.
Use fabric glue to arrange a selection of flowers to center of ball.
And Voila! Pin to your favorite pair of comfy jeans and a thrifting we will go!
One last thing, just wanted to mention check out my friend Cathy's blog. She always has great projects and instructions!
Happy Arts and Crafting girls!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My How Time Flies

Does it ever feel like the pressures of life are just squeezing in on you?
Feel like you just need to get away from it all? (ok, so it sounds a little like a Calgon soap commercial...)
Well then, bulid your own Time Machine!

All you need are a few simple materials, an old cigar box, a clock mechanism, Star Juggler rubber stamp and some colorful paper scraps!

For detailed instructions check it out at Stampington & Company, now I can't guarantee how well it will work but I can say it'll sure be fun to make!

And now for another great must have book or in this case a must give!
I received this book from a very dear friend, and if you have a special woman in your life, a sister, cousin, friend, mother, teacher, well, you get the point. Example: There are certain women in our world who have the gift of finding joy everywhere and leaving it behind them when they go. You'll usually find them immersed in their work, or slow dancing with their dreams, or making a difference for all those around them. These are the women who can flood our souls with laughter... strength and courage... hopes and dreams. Sound like someone you know? Celebrate her with this wonderful book.
By Kobi Yamada
Com*Pen'*Di*Um Publishing

And speaking of special women, hop on over to Miss Lola Enchanted's for her Oh So Charming Give Away!

Friday, September 7, 2007

To Set About Becoming

Did you know that porcelain was once called "white gold" and was traded as a precious material? Back in the early 1800's the first china head dolls made their appearance. At the time these high quality elegant lady dolls were meant more for a display case rather than as a childs plaything. As porcelain became less expensive and the dolls grew in popularity, their faces became more childlike and very large quantities were produced. The production of these dolls came to an end around 1900 and to find one of these examples today is at once rare and costly. Being an avid collector of dolls all my life ( I still have most every doll I ever had as a child ) I truly relish the fact that I have the opportunity to actually create dolls of my very own, only let's say a little less tradtional...
Which brings me to:
Early one morning, tenderly holding a small porcelain head in the palm of my hand after having successfully painted a beautiful haunting expression upon her face and then ever so gently setting in the palest of ice blue glass eyes.

This is the point that the *Magic Happens* when a cold hollow lifeless face comes alive! It's really a very exciting experience (either that or I'm just easily entertained) none the less it's a thrill for me. It is at this stage I think "What shall she become?" I have a whole row of delicate porcelain doll heads, enchanting curious specimens, just sitting....waiting to BECOME.

A bit about the little wooden theatre that holds her, it is an antique frame I attached to a wooden box with hinges, small wood finials were used for the feet, and I drilled a hole in the top and wired it for light! (my grandfather was a professional electrician and taught me the basics) The back wall was a crumbling vintage party dress c.1920, curtains an old lace hankie, and the valance was created from cardboard and a remnant of an old wedding gown. The tiny chandelier was once a brooch, I added a few more dangling bits to.

The story will continue as each doll takes their full form.